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The Mirrors Social News | 27 de mayo de 2015

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Letters to the editor

Today, the young people are losing the interest in cultural themes, in history, pinture, clasic theatre, etc. This makes that the culture now is disappearing. The culture that is taught to the young people in compulsory education, as well as being insufficient, it is forgotten, because  young people don’t care. We have to regain that interest for learn cultural things for own interest and not for passing an exam.

The people that work in centers that promove culture, like museus, should adjust to the new generation, adding things that the young people would like. And make reforms in the school program, adding more hours of cultural things, making it more interesting and new, so it can be more interesting for them.

Julia Gracia Grasa, Guayén Guarido Sanagustín, Nuria Pérez Sobrino 3D

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