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Alumn@s | 23 de Mayo de 2015

"Blood Diamond" Film Review

The film talks about a man who was separated from his family and works like a slave in a mine of diamonds. Later, he went to a refugee camp. He met Dani and Dani promised that if Slomon found the pink diamond he would get it to Dani, and Dani would try to find his family. Dani and Salomon met a reporter and she found the Salomon's family. Finally, Salomon come back with his family.

My opinion is that it was an injustice the way and conditions of the people, treating them like slaves, while in the developed countries get big benefits by exploiting mine workers.

The people should be aware of the origin of the diamonds when the diamonds are for sale, and then, the people may help or eradicate the problem.

I would give a 9 to the film. I recommend it for all the people who like the typical economy themes and want more information about this real situation.

Julia Gracia, 3 D


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